Racism in Congress: The Black Caucus

In expressing “outrage” over Senator Trent Lott’s praise of Strom Thurmond and his segregationist vision, the Congressional Black Caucus was calling the kettle black. Every member of the “Black Caucus” should follow Lott’s lead and resign from Congress for helping to turn Thurmond’s despicable vision into reality. < ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office” […]

Random Thoughts for December 2002

Random thoughts on the passing scene: It is a little much when people come to this country preaching hatred against others and demanding tolerance for themselves. Thanksgiving may be our most old-fashioned holiday. Gratitude itself seems out of date at a time when so many people feel “entitled” to whatever they get — and indignant […]

A No-Account Debate

“Grandma Doesn’t Scare Anymore,” reads the headline of a post-election Wall Street Journal editorial noting the success of candidates who back Social Security reform. Seniors are “willing to listen to politicians who tell them the truth about the system’s long-term problems and how to fix them.” Good news, indeed. But opponents of reform still can […]

Snow Job in the Iraqi Desert

That’s it. The dog ate Saddam Hussein’s homework. Just as no self-respecting teacher would accept this lamest of excuses, so the U.N. Security Council surely will not accept the pathetic explanations that are being served up by Iraq’s representatives to the United Nations. So, why exactly is it that the Iraqi government cannot prove what […]

Faith is Not Enough

Senator Santorum last Sunday assured us that Senator Lott could not be a racist, as he is a man of deep faith and has had many prayer breakfasts with Senator Santorum. Again and again, we are told that someone who is deeply religious cannot be a bad person, and that a bad person must not […]

Invest in the Market for the Long Run

My favorite curmudgeon, the Scrooge of Stocks, is a former National Geographic photographer named Charles Allmon. He lives in Potomac, manages about $100 million for clients, and is the founder and editor of Growth Stock Outlook, now in its 38th year. When I first met him a couple of decades ago, Allmon was a bull. […]

Lott’s Resignation: Now the Real Work Begins

According to the Associated Press, “A beleaguered Trent Lott stepped aside Friday as Senate Republican leader two weeks after igniting a political firestorm with racially charged remarks, and Tennessee’s Bill Frist prepared to inherit the job when the GOP takes over the chamber next month.” After insisting as recently as Thursday night that he would […]

PBS, Recruiting for Islam

What would be the best way to convert lots of Americans to Islam? Forget print, go to film. Put together a handsome documentary with an original musical score that presents Islam’s prophet Muhammad in the most glowing manner, indeed, as a model of perfection. Round up Muslim and non-Muslim enthusiasts to endorse the nobility and […]

William F. Buckley is all Liberal Inside

William F. Buckley Jr., in the 12/12/02 “Wall Street Journal” writes: “Conservatives (unlike anarchists, or Objectivists) know that sacrifices are necessary, even as diet is necessary for organic health.” Specifically, he refers to the example of a peace through strength policy against the Soviet Union as an example of “sacrifice.” It’s true that Objectivism (the […]

Ten Stock-ing Stuffers

In January 1995, I started offering readers a list of 10 stocks to consider for the year ahead, making my selections from the choices of market pros whose opinions I value. In five years of this exercise, my lists returned an annual average of 24 percent, compared with 28 percent for the benchmark Standard & […]

The New Segregation: Racism in America, Then and Now

Trent Lott has changed from a nostalgist for segregation to an open advocate of neo-segregation. Lott’s old doctrine was called “separate but equal,” and kept black people out of white establishments by law, maintaining two separate sets of institutions for white and black people. Lott’s new doctrine calls itself “affirmative action,” and keeps the old […]

“Hate Crime” Legislation is an Assault on Free Speech

If images of people being persecuted for “thought crimes” strike you as the stuff of science fiction — or, at worst, something that happened when communism was at its height and jackboots were storming Europe — get ready for a wake-up call. It comes from Britain. There, in a pre-dawn November raid, a task force […]