End the Massachusetts State Income Tax

This month, American voters will head to the polls for midterm elections. Though the names on the ballots have changed since the last election, proponents of limited, accountable government will again be forced to choose between the same contenders: Candidate No Way and Candidate Even Worse. In Massachusetts, both the Republican and Democrat nominees for […]

Disgruntled Conservatives

“A Record Year for Academic Pork,” said the headline on the front page of The Chronicle of Higher Education, the leading trade publication of the academic world. Whether representatives of farmers, corporate welfare recipients, and other beneficiaries of politicians’ generosity with the taxpayers’ money are equally candid is another story. Runaway spending on social programs […]

Are the Media Giving You the Whole Story on Global Warming?

Reports on global warming fill our screens and newspapers. Time magazine’s April issue, for example, carried a sixteen-page special report on global warming, featuring a frying earth on its cover. “Global Warming Is Real and Not Going Away,” declared a recent front page of USA Today. “Global Warming Is Getting Worse,” announced a recent headline […]

John Allen Muhammad: Hating America

When a Ukrainian immigrant murdered Ennis Cosby, the son of Bill and Camille Cosby, Ms. Cosby blamed America. She wrote, “I believe America taught our son’s killer to hate African-Americans.” Reeling from the pain of her loss, Cosby’s lashing-out deserves understanding and empathy, but this does not make what she wrote any less wrong. The […]

Random Thoughts October 2002

Random thoughts on the passing scene: People who cannot be bothered to learn both sides of the issues should not bother to vote. Considering that we all enter the world the same way and leave in the same condition, we spend an awful lot of time in between trying to show that we are so […]

Halloween is Harmless

It happens every October. A handful of particularly uptight Christians prohibit their children from participating in Halloween, because they consider it “satanic.” While a parent has every right to control his child’s activities, I think the claim is just plain silly. The implication that the Prince of Darkness, if you believe in such, would count […]

The Rush From Judgment

Like many people, it crossed my mind early in the Beltway Sniper case that this might be a terrorist attack. I reserved judgment, realizing — unlike the armchair experts who flocked to fill airtime on cable news channels — that I did not know all of the facts available to the police. But the moment […]

The Snipers: Crazy or Jihadis?

‘Why now? Why? Why? Why? Why? That’s the question I think everyone is asking.” So agonized the half-brother of Lee Malvo, the alleged 17-year-old sniper, baffled by the causes behind the Washington, D.C.-area shooting spree that left 10 people dead. One answer came from a friend who quoted John Muhammad, the senior alleged sniper, saying […]

In That Voting Booth

One of the most common laments in letters from readers is a sense of helplessness to do anything about the negative trends in politics and society. Yet the people who make those laments have the ultimate power in the most powerful nation on earth. All they have to do is exercise that power in the […]

The Investing Enigma

Investing is the most supremely arrogant thing that you can do. In effect, whenever you buy or sell an individual stock — or even if you trade an index fund with the intention of timing the market — you’re placing your judgment ahead of the judgment of the entire world. You’re saying that you’re right, […]

The Rational Basis of Sex: Psychological Visibility (Part 2 of 4)

Let us take a closer look at what such admiration consist of by grasping the concept of psychological visibility. Every person holds fundamental ideas about himself. Take Tom who thinks “It’s important to make healthy, honest choices in my life. I want to feel proud of the way I’m leading my life.” He values, not […]

Rights vs. Wishes

We hear so much about “rights” — a right to this and a right to that. People say they have a right to decent housing, a right to adequate health care, food and a decent job, and more recently, senior citizens have a right to prescription drugs. In a free society, do people have these […]