Egalitarianism and The Nihilist Definition of Racism

The egalitarians know that they cannot bring equality by raising everyone up, so their nihilistic conception of racism aims to foster equality by crushing everyone down to the level of the worst performers.

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The New Black Segregation at California State University is Still Racism

The civil rights movement started out in the 1950s and 1960s as against white-black segregation. And now, half a century later, we’re back to full-fledged white-black segregation at California state schools.

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Ludwig von Mises’s Majestic Magnum Opus, Human Action: A Treatise on Economics

Ludwig von Mises’s majestic magnum opus, Human Action: A Treatise on Economics, was published on September 14, 1949. In the nearly seven decades since its appearance, Human Action has come to be recognized as one of the truly great classics of modern economics.

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Freedom is the Solution for Quality in Education

Despite the tragic results of public education, American parents have yet to realize that to properly educate their children, they must entirely reject the current state-controlled system. They must demand that government give them back their taxed money so they can...

The IMF in Asia: Please Hold Your Applause

Last week I noticed two important articles in the press regarding the Asian recovery. “Fortune” magazine, representing the new “establishment” view, ran an article celebrating the Asian economic recovery, giving the IMF credit for the...

Torture in Castro’s Cuba

(Address of Ambassador Armando Valladares’, Chief of the United State’s Delegation to the United Nations Human Rights’ Commission. Geneva, Switzerland, February 23, 1988) Mr. Chairman, I am not a career diplomat, and I am not an expert on the...

Abolish Antitrust!

Good afternoon. I want to address four issues regarding anti-trust as they apply to the Microsoft case. Anti-trust Paralyzes the Thinking Process In my research on the traits of great wealth creators (The Prime Movers: Traits of The Great Wealth Creators), I...

Clinton Tries To Take Credit For Celera’s Achievement

Celera’s achievement rendered the government-funded Human Genome Project obsolete. It demonstrated that the public endeavor was a waste of time, money and resources. Yet, Clinton managed not only to save face, but also to share in Celera’s glory and advance the idea that greater government involvement in science is a good thing.

The “Third Way” Moves Two Ways In Europe

In recent years, the leftist parties of England and Germany returned to power by promising voters that they had turned their back on command and control, tax and spend, economic policies. Instead they promised to “transcend” the old right and left by...

The Perils of Gun Ownership?

1. Ted Kennedy, Rosie O’Donnell, Charles Schumer, and Barbara Boxer strongly denounce private gun ownership. However, their bodyguards carry: A. Toy guns with trigger locks B. A tape recorded message that says “Boo!” C. CandyD. Slingshots E. Very...

The Fundamental Cause of Today’s Social Ills

So philosopher Mark Kingwell [Re: Burgled in the World’s Best Country, National Post, July 12, 2000] believes that the cause of social ills like “crime and riots and beggars on the street” is the envy created by people experiencing poverty? Leaving...

The Environmentalist Evil

Environmentalism regards man as a spreading cancer that must be eliminated at any cost. And its leaders mean it. Environmentalism is at root a movement against man. As novelist and philosopher Ayn Rand observed, “… [their] ultimate motive [is]…hatred for achievement, for reason, for man, for life.”