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How Foreign Is Our Policy?

Most of Barack Obama’s foreign policy decisions since becoming president are consistent with this mindset. He has acted repeatedly as a citizen of the world, even though he was elected to be President of the United States.

Ukraine: A Painful Argument for a Foreign Policy of Self-Interest

Vladimir Putin’s actions are detestable and the result of American weakness–intellectual weakness. If the United States ever commits to a serious foreign policy of self-interest, dictators and authoritarians will perceive America as both strong and credible. Until then, we’re stuck shooting spitballs at barbarians.

Putin Parties Like It’s 1959

The best thing America could do for the Ukraine, or any other victim of totalitarian repression, is to make the world safe for freedom, private property and individual rights.

Iran: Obama’s New Best Friend

Obama and John  Kerry have “struck a deal” with Iran. We’re now supposed to breathe easier. Because of this deal, we’re told, Iran will no longer be building nuclear weapons in order to destabilize the Middle East (translation: our oil supply) any more than it already is. Think about what it means to “strike a […]

The Battle of Mogadishu: Twenty Years Later

Holidays such as Veterans Day and Memorial Day celebrate the heroism, courage, and honor of American service members. October third should be the day Americans remind themselves of the true horrors of needless wars.

War For the Hell of It

By attacking the vicious dictator Assad, we’re helping an arguably even worse enemy—al Qaida, the people responsible for 9/11.

The Ethics of War with Syria

America is not the world’s police and it ought to be unnecessary to have to declare let alone debate that an attack by the U.S. on Syria would be an outrage. But the Obama administration, backed by every major Democrat and Republican and largely by the press, too, is on the verge of taking the […]

Serious About Syria?

“Military action” is a polite phrase for killing people. It would be nice to believe that this has some larger purpose than saving Barack Obama from political embarrassment.

The Anti-War “War on Terror”

 Oceania was at war with Eastasia. Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia.   And a moment before, in George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, Oceania had been an ally of Eastasia, and at war with Eurasia.1. It would be deemed a thoughtcrime to know and think otherwise. And it’s a virtual thoughtcrime today to say […]

Historic Rescuers

It is not really news that Victor Davis Hanson has written another outstanding and eye-opening book. He has done that before and repeatedly, on a variety of subjects. The subject of his latest book, “The Savior Generals” is given in the subtitle: “How Five Great Commanders Saved Wars That Were Lost– From Ancient Greece to […]

Looking Back — and Forward

Whatever Barack Obama’s words, his deeds have been directed less toward stopping Iran from going nuclear than they have been toward stopping Israel from stopping Iran from going nuclear.

‘Proportional’ Response

Should we be surprised that the Iraqi government has increasingly come to pay more attention to what Iran wants than to what Washington wants?

Dictatorship? Not a Problem

According to The Wall Street Journal, Secretary of Defense nominee Chuck Hagel, during his hearings, had to backtrack on an especially embarrassing assertion that Iran’s rulers are “legitimate” and “elected.” Hagel would never have said these things if he didn’t mean them. The question is, why would he consider — even for a moment — […]