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Our Fragile Planet

With the decline of the USSR, communism has lost considerable respectability and is now repackaged as environmentalism and progressivism.

No Impact Man

University of Calgary, my employer, recently announced that this year it will require all newly-admitted students to read “No Impact Man,” the New York-based author Colin Beavan’s account of living for a year in Manhattan in an effort to strive for “zero environmental impact.” According to Dru Marshall, provost and vice president at the University […]

The EPA’s RRP Rule isn’t About Safety

I wrote this in May 2010. It remains relevant. On April 22, 2010 an EPA regulation governing renovation, repair, and painting (RRP) took effect. The regulation governs any activity that will disturb paint containing lead and applies to all homes built before 1978 and “child-occupied facilities”. On Wednesday I took the certification course mandated by […]

Wealth Creation and Property Rights: Good For the Planet

Last week, I was writing about the first UN World Happiness Report and how it pits wealth creation and wealth against happiness. I promised to discuss why wealth creation is not only good for people’s happiness but also for the planet. Wealth creation without the right to private property would be much diminished, for the […]

The Real Meaning of Earth Hour

The lights of our cities and monuments are a symbol of human achievement, of what mankind has accomplished in rising from the cave to the skyscraper. Earth Hour presents the disturbing spectacle of people celebrating those lights being extinguished. Its call for people to renounce energy and to rejoice at darkened skyscrapers makes its real meaning unmistakably clear: Earth Hour symbolizes the renunciation of industrial civilization.

The “Limits” of Economic Progress

A few weeks ago I caught a portion of a radio program in which a commentator argued that economic progress has limits.  He used a hamster as an example: For the first few weeks of his life, a hamster doubles in size each week. If he did this for a year, he would weight nine […]

Environmentalism and Psychology: A Marriage Made in Hell

People who disagree with my political perspective sometimes tell me, “You shouldn’t comment on social or political matters. That’s not appropriate for a mental health professional.” The people who say this are always liberals, and never non-liberals, i.e. never libertarians, Objectivists, conservatives or anything like that. (Proving my point, once again, that most liberals simply […]

What The "Green" in the Green Movement Stands For

The U.N. has proposed that $2 trillion per year be provided to them to ensure the development of “green technologies” over the next 40 years. Failure to let the U.N. do this, according to them, will result in the end of the world as we know it. “Green” technologies refer to renewable sources of energy […]

Green Energy Fantasy

Will a green energy industry be an engine of economic growth? Many want us to think so, including [President Obama]. Apparently a booming green economy with millions of new jobs is just around the corner. All we need is the right mix of government “incentives.” These include a huge (de facto) tax on carbon emissions […]

The Real Meaning of Earth Hour

On Saturday, March 28, cities around the world will turn off their lights to observe “Earth Hour.” Iconic landmarks from the Sydney Opera House to Manhattan’s skyscrapers will be darkened to encourage reduced energy use and signal a commitment to fighting climate change. While a one-hour blackout will admittedly have little effect on carbon emissions, […]

Religion Turns Green

It’s remarkable how you can do more and more things online. Paying bills, for example, can be “paperless.” With the stroke of a few computer keys, you can pay all your bills without the use of mail, paper or pens. The self-consciously “green” love to brag about how they’re going paperless. But what made this […]

A Free Market in Water

Houston–where I live–has been under a severe drought. This year, we have received about one-third of our normal rainfall. In response, the city has enacted water rationing and citizens will be fined if they violate the restrictions. At the same time, the city reports that it has about six hundred leaks in water mains, a […]

The Danger of Environmentalism

Cartoon Cox and Forkum. Earth Day approaches, and with it a grave danger faces mankind. The danger is not from acid rain, global warming, smog, or the logging of rain forests, as environmentalists would have us believe. The danger to mankind is from environmentalism. The fundamental goal of environmentalism is not clean air and clean […]

On April 22, Celebrate Exploit-the-Earth Day

Because Earth Day is intended to further the cause of environmentalism—and because environmentalism is an anti-human ideology—on April 22, those who care about human life should not celebrate Earth Day; they should celebrate Exploit-the-Earth Day. Exploiting the Earth—using the raw materials of nature for one’s life-serving purposes—is a basic requirement of human life. Either man […]

How Obama Earned The Ignoble Nobel Peace Prize

One searches in vain through the whole list of Nobel Peace Prize winners from 1901 to the present for a single laureate whose work measurably advanced the cause of peace. The term peace itself, as it is employed by the Nobel Committee, on the surface is wishful and ethereal. The Peace Prize has, as a […]

The Doomsayers: Are Capitalism and The Earth’s Climate Both Doomed?

President Barack Obama has implied more than once that the current system of “capitalism” is doomed in the face of his intended “reorganization” of American society — oblivious to the fact that full-scale, unregulated capitalism has never existed in this country or anywhere else in the world. “Capitalism” was blamed for the financial debacle of […]

Carbon Dioxide Restrictions are Costly, Pointless, Symbolic Gestures

Substantial restrictions on carbon dioxide emissions, such as those proposed by President Barack Obama and contained in the Waxman-Markey bill in the U.S. House of Representatives, will force Americans to undergo severe and protracted economic hardship for little or no real-world benefit. Fortunately (or not), you don’t have to take my word for it; President […]

Obama’s Cap-and-Trade: Lifeline or Noose?

Throughout his presidential campaign, Barack Obama pledged to address the “crisis” of anthropogenic global warming. Since taking office his cabinet appointments and policy initiatives have not disappointed those who believe such a crisis exists and that America should act boldly and decisively on this front. In his February 24 address to the nation, Obama said, […]

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