Welfare State


Left free, the market will provide the greatest benefit to workers, employers and consumers, while allowing charity as well.

Poverty and Snow Storms

Many young people in poverty today not only do not seem to know the way, but have many other people leading them off in other directions.

The High Cost of Liberalism: Part III

“Poverty” is in the eye of the statisticians — more specifically, the government statisticians who define what constitutes “poverty,” and who are unlikely to define it in ways that might jeopardize the massive welfare state that they are part of.

Obama Subsidy Spin

Obamacare incentives could reduce the size of the labor force by more than two million workers by 2017

Totalitarian-by-Proxy: Sarah Conly’s “Against Autonomy: Justifying Coercive Paternalism?”

The stereotypical image of an ambitious tyrant is of Adolf Hitler haranguing crowds of rapt Germans, or of machismo-obsessed Benito Mussolini addressing his adoring audiences in a belligerent, hands-on-hips, jutting jaw pose. To their sole credit, they could deliver their calls to totalitarianism without the benefit of Teleprompters. Then we have the less hysterical, snooze-inducing […]

What About the Poor?

A common question, when discussing capitalism, is: What about the poor? In other words, won’t the poor be helpless and hopeless in a capitalist society? The premise underlying such questions is altruism. According to altruism, we have a moral duty to serve others. According to altruism, we have an obligation to help those in need. […]