Social Security

The False Premise Underlying Medicare and Social Security

Pollster and analyst Scott Rasmussen writes the following: “Along with spending on national defense and interest on the federal debt, spending on entitlement programs consumes the overwhelming majority of the federal budget. But a close look at the data shows that it’s not a voter sense of entitlement that is driving the process. Quite the […]

No Sherman March for the Welfare State

Just as an individual needs a reality-oriented form of psychotherapy, a nation or a culture needs a reality-based set of solutions to get out of any mess it finds itself in. Consider a bit of history. General William T. Sherman turned the tide of the Civil War, by his successful march through Atlanta on to […]

Social Security Cannot — And Should Not — Be Saved

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie: “Here’s the truth that nobody’s talking about. You’re gonna have to raise the retirement age for Social Security. Whoa, I just said it, and I’m still standing here. I did not vaporize.” Actually, the problems with Social Security are greater than raising the retirement age will solve. The program is, […]

Wisconsin's Paul Ryan Takes on the Welfare State

Of all the new faces in the new House of Representatives, the only one — so far — to not speak the Republican dialect of “Washingtonspeak” is Paul Ryan, of Wisconsin. Ryan has been in Congress for a decade, but he’s about to become a lot more influential. Ryan is going to be chair of […]

Happy Birthday Social Security?

In his weekly radio address this past Saturday, President Obama happily commemorated the 75th anniversary of Social Security. From my perspective, the milestone is nothing to celebrate. For although the president spoke earnestly about the “obligation to keep the promise” of Social Security, in reality, the program will wreck the government’s finances within 10 years.  […]

Capitalism vs the Welfare State: The Next Vote

Let’s sort out some things. As a political and economic system, socialism is government ownership and management of the means of production and distribution of goods, the control of money, and the abolition of profit and private property. These ideas also describe communism and progressivism. Socialism originated at the end of the 18th century in […]

The Future of Social Security?

One of the slowly-simmering issues I try to follow is the future of Social Security. Eventually, the current Ponzi scheme is going to go bankrupt, and right now there’s no morally principled reform on the horizon. So one big question is what sort of response to this brewing problem can we expect, given the current […]

Corporate Welfare: America vs. Congress et al.

If one wants to understand why Congress and the White House wish to sneak in “corporate” socialism in the guise of a “bailout” of Wall Street and the American economy, the following ought to serve as a good starting point, and provide some context of why the government thinks it ought to take action: “The […]

Retire Social Security: Social Security Is Morally Bankrupt

August 14 marks Social Security’s 73rd birthday–placing it eight years past standard retirement age. But, despite the program’s $10-trillion-plus dollar shortfall, no politician dares to suggest that this disastrous program be phased out and retired; all agree on one absolute: Social Security must be saved. While the program may have financial problems, virtually everyone believes […]

Don’t Save Social Security

With the first Baby Boomer collecting Social Security last week, on the heels of a Bush administration announcement that Social Security faces a $13.6 trillion shortfall, the issue of how to “save” Social Security is once again on the table. While we can expect fierce debate on the issue, we can also expect all sides […]

Social Security is a Monstrous Injustice

Throughout the nation, a fierce debate rages over Social Security. One side, led by President Bush, says the system is in crisis and must be saved via “partial privatization.” The other side says the system is basically sound and can be saved with a little tinkering. Both sides, however, agree on one absolute: Social Security […]

Something For Nothing: Social Security

Suppose someone left you an inheritance of a million dollars — with the proviso that every cent of it had to be spent on tickets for you to go watch professional wrestling matches. If you happened to be a professional wrestling fan, you would be in hog heaven. But what if you were not? How […]

Corporate Welfare at It’s Worst: Advanced Technology Program

Members of Congress will soon return home for August recess. While there, many will express outrage over the 33 percent increase in government spending since 2001, and the $400 billion budget deficit. They will offer vague pledges to rein in government. Taxpayers have heard it all before. Those who want to see how serious lawmakers […]

The Destruction of “Social Security”

Politicians, academics and citizens are crying out that Bush’s plan to privatize Social Security will be the death of the program. Assume for a moment that they’re correct. So what? Did it ever occur to those who complain about the fall of Social Security that they just not might have a right to it? More […]

Social Security and Forced Government Health Care

When politicians proclaim that you have a “right” to health care, they actually mean many other things. First, that they want unlimited power to force others to provide you with health care–whatever the cost. They also mean that you have no right to manage and provide for your own health care, indeed no right to […]

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