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ObamaCare’s First Few Years

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act—otherwise known as ObamaCare—is almost four years old. Despite the technical troubles, what every American should know about the law is that whatever its provisions, whatever the press propagandizes or reports, the individual has no control of, or choice in, health insurance or medicine. Not if you’re a doctor, patient […]

Does Washington Know Best?

Congress and the president are taking over an area of our lives infinitely more challenging and complex than the management of traffic signals and supermarkets, namely our health care system.

Health By Government Permission

Government involvement in medical care does not ensure better care but leads to its degradation, while making it less available and more expensive. Like Obamacare, the FDA actually threatens our health.

Defunding Obamacare

Supporters of Obamacare speak as if refusing to fund or implement it will create a Constitutional crisis. Actually, it’s Obamacare and other laws like it that create the growing crisis with our government. Obamacare is a law that attempts to manufacture a private marketplace by government fiat—and then force citizens to take part in it. […]

High Risk, Low Yield

The time, effort and credibility that Republicans are investing in trying to defund ObamaCare is a high risk, low yield investment.

Dependence Day

Independence Day is our most endangered holiday. We should celebrate it while we still can. The entire concept of independence — of autonomous citizens making their own choices in the pursuit of their own happiness — is under attack. The American war for independence was not over in the 18th Century but wages on today. […]

Obamacare vs. Reality

We might take a moment to contemplate where the Affordable Care Act would now be if its major programs were to be held to actual financial sustainability before they could be implemented. In fact, one key program of Obamacare collapsed nearly two years ago. President Barack Obama approved an addition by Congress to the legislation […]

How Obamacare Redefines “Health Insurance”

Associated Press reports: Thousands of people with serious medical problems are in danger of losing coverage under President Obama’s healthcare overhaul because of cost overruns, state officials say. At risk is the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan, a transition program that’s become a lifeline for the so-called uninsurables — people with serious medical conditions who can’t […]

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