Jaana Woiceshyn

Earth Map

Greenpeace’s Campaign Against Human Flourishing

It is Greenpeace that we should watch and call out on, exposing its propaganda and plans to destroy human well-being. It is companies like Shell and Lego that we should defend and thank for providing us not only necessities of life but products that make our lives more comfortable and enjoyable.

Market Competition is Good and Government Meddling is Bad

If we want to enjoy lower prices and better quality products and services, whether in air travel, cell phone service, health care, or anything else, the solution is to stop the government from trying to manage markets and to make them free instead, thus increasing competition.

The “National Interest” vs. Freedom of Trade

The idea of some kind of collective national interest is mistaken: having products manufactured in the United States or in Canada is not inherently in the interest of Americans or Canadians; having products manufactured wherever it can be done most efficiently—provided the markets are free—is.