President Barack Obama talks on the phone in the Oval Office with Russian President Vladimir Putin about the situation in Ukraine, March 1, 2014.

(Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

Ukraine: A Painful Argument for a Foreign Policy of Self-Interest

Vladimir Putin’s actions are detestable and the result of American weakness–intellectual weakness. If the United States ever commits to a serious foreign policy of self-interest, dictators and authoritarians will perceive America as both strong and credible. Until then, we’re stuck shooting spitballs at barbarians.


The Battle of Mogadishu: Twenty Years Later

Holidays such as Veterans Day and Memorial Day celebrate the heroism, courage, and honor of American service members. October third should be the day Americans remind themselves of the true horrors of needless wars.

Rick Santorum: The Anti-Capitalist

A few years ago, it seemed inevitable.  The popular resistance to the increasingly invasive federal policies in healthcare, housing, and finance seemed to have sparked a cultural revolution of sorts.  This was characterized by the “Tea Party” movement that demanded smaller, more limited government.  Not long thereafter, it appeared that the champions of capitalism, individualism, […]

The Rational Interest?

“The American nation needs the tonic of a serious moral adventure.“ Ayn Rand once referenced this quote by Herbert Croly from The New Republic in describing the roots of war.  Upon first publication, this quote was an endorsement of Wilsonian thinking at the dawn of the twentieth century.  Like any line of statist thought, Croly […]

The Cost of Compromise

If this latest “debt deal” was anything, it was certainly everything a “compromise” had to offer. While the original cut, cap, and balance plan was at least a step in the right direction, the underlying principles motivating the bill were unfathomable to Harry Reid and President Obama. The debate on the nation’s fiscal policy was […]

The Failure of Metaphysics and Morality: Mitt Romney and "Healthcare"

In a recent television interview by Sean Hannity on Fox News, Mitt Romney sought to appease conservatives by explaining the premises of the medical insurance, or “healthcare” law, signed by him as Governor of Massachusetts in 2006.  Hannity alludes to the unique similarities between the Massachusetts law and Obamacare, which is a very legitimate observation.  […]

??The Needless Casualty

On May 7th, a US Navy warship will be christened in the memory of a fallen Navy SEAL operator and Medal of Honor recipient, Lieutenant Michael Murphy.  Murphy, then 29 years old, was killed in action in Afghanistan’s Kunar province on June 28, 2005.  The circumstances surrounding his death present a microcosmic example of the […]

The Moral Crime of the "Religious Right"

John Winthrop wrote “A Model of Christian Charity” upon his arrival to the Massachusetts Bay colony in 1630. This composition has had a tremendous impact on American thinking, culture, and politics. Its notoriety comes from the fact Winthrop declares the early settlement a “city upon a hill,” a reference from one of Jesus Christ’s sermons […]

Egypt: Freedom or Islamism?

In what can only be surmised as chaos, most of North Africa, Yemen, and the Iranian theocracy’s appendage, Lebanon, seem to be undergoing a very disturbingly rapid transition. Some attribute this state of apparent anarchy to the lack of freedom and economic reform. From the sentiment emanating from the White House concerning Egypt, it seems […]

Obama's Upcoming State of the Union: Continue to Insult the Intelligent

As the economy continues to chug along on life support and Republicans in the House of Representatives begin their meager attempts at cutting the size and scope of the federal government, the substance of President Obama’s State of the Union address is becoming more apparent. It can be predicted, with some certainty, that Obama will […]

Iran Gets One Step Closer to the Bomb

Doing nothing is no different than doing something; you’re just allowing someone else to pursue an end. What the United States is inevitably going to endure are the consequences of inaction. According to, Dr. Ali Akbar Salehi, the head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, declared, amidst some skepticism, that the Islamic ‘republic’ […]

Chronic Appeasement Produces Aggressors

While temporarily buried under the Christmas cheer and holiday mood, Reuters recently published a story concerning the growing turmoil on the Korean peninsula. On top of threats to wage a “sacred war” against the South, Pyongyang hints at the possibility of a third nuclear test. Indeed, the North’s first nuclear test was carried out under […]

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