The Radicalness of Atlas Shrugged

For most people, reading Atlas Shrugged is an unforgettable experience. The story is gripping, involving numerous mysteries and unexpected but logical plot twists. The characters are unique–what other book contains a philosopher turned pirate? And the writing is that rarest of combinations: at once clear and deep. But for many readers, Atlas is even more: […]

The Appeal of Ayn Rand

February 2 marks the hundredth anniversary of the birth of one of America’s most controversial and inspiring writers, Ayn Rand. She continues to be wildly popular among the young: some 14,000 high school students per year submit entries to essay contests on her novels and, in the past two years alone, high school teachers have […]

The Appeal of Ayn Rand

October 10 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the greatest work of one of America’s most controversial and inspiring writers: Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. Rand’s novels continue to be wildly popular among the young. Some 22,000 high school and college students this year submitted entries to essay contests on her books and, in the past year […]

The Indispensable Condition of Peace in the Middle East

As Israeli soldiers reenter Gaza and bomb Lebanon, and Israeli citizens seek shelter from Hezbollah’s missiles, the world despairingly wonders whether peace between Israel and its neighbors can ever take root. It can–but only if America reverses course. To achieve peace in the Middle East, as in any region, there is a necessary principle that […]

America Bows to Islam

Europeans are all too well acquainted with the fear of criticizing Islam. To cite just a few of depressingly many examples: a painter, Rashid Ben Ali, is forced into hiding after one of his shows “featured satirical work critical of Islamic militant’s violence”; a politician, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, must go underground after it becomes known […]

Who Will Defend Industry from Eco-Terrorism?

The good news: a federal grand jury in Eugene, Oregon, has indicted 11 people on charges that they committed acts of domestic terrorism on behalf of the Earth Liberation Front and the Animal Liberation Front. Moreover, now one of the FBI’s “highest domestic terrorism priorities,” according to director Robert S. Mueller III, is to prosecute […]

Love Thy Enemy: The Twilight of Freedom of Speech

To fathom our government’s contemptible treatment of a handful of unbowed journalists, you must see the roots of that treatment in the moral ideal Christianity bequeathed the West. In the face of the intimidation and murder of European authors, film makers and politicians by Islamic militants, a few European newspapers have the courage to defend […]

Proposed Iraqi Constitution Will Not Bring Freedom to Iraq or Security to America.

As the world eagerly watches the Iraqi constitutional referendum, the Bush administration and its intellectual supporters herald the occasion as a historic step toward freedom in the Middle East and security for America. This view betrays an appalling ignorance of the nature of freedom and the requirements of our national self-interest. Politically, as America’s Founding […]

The Phonics vs. “Whole Language” Controversy

The educational tragedy in Rockford, Illinois, now making national headlines, echoes a larger tragedy. At Lewis Lemon elementary school, with a student body described by The New York Times as “80 percent nonwhite and 85 percent poor,” third graders scored near the top in statewide readings tests. Their results were bested only by students at […]

Professor Ward Churchill, The First Amendment and Free Speech on Campus

Because the comments he made shortly after September 11 have come to light, obscene comments in which he vilifies the World Trade Center victims as “little Eichmanns” and lauds their killers as “humanitarians,” Professor Ward Churchill has resigned as chairman of the University of Colorado’s ethnics studies department. But, with the support of other faculty, […]

To Outsource or to Stagnate?

A free society requires and rewards individuals who are active-minded, forward-looking, keen to better themselves. A society moving towards state control of the economy requires and rewards individuals who want tranquility, passivity, lethargy. In the debate about the legitimacy of “outsourcing” white-collar jobs to foreign countries, you must decide on which side you stand. The […]

Diverting the Blame for September 11th

The squabbling and finger-pointing surrounding the 9/11 commission only serve to obscure the fundamental lesson of that horrific day. Whatever errors or incompetence on the part of a particular individual or intelligence agency, what made September 11 possible was a failure of policy. Our government, whether controlled by Democrat or Republican, had for decades conducted […]