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Putin Parties Like It’s 1959

The best thing America could do for the Ukraine, or any other victim of totalitarian repression, is to make the world safe for freedom, private property and individual rights.

FCC “Study” vs. the First Amendment

ending federal bureaucrats to meddle in newsroom affairs by conducting an alleged “study” will chill news coverage and make government-licensed broadcast media think twice about airing stories that place the Obama administration in a bad light.

The Great Absurdity of The Republican Party

The Republican Party is dying from an internal contradiction. On the one hand, it claims to want freedom and individual rights. On the other hand, it embraces fundamentalist religion as the basis for civilization.

The Red State vs Blue State Mentality

There are basically two sets of viewpoints influencing most people in America today. You might call them the “red state” (Republican) or “blue state” (Democratic) mentalities, although it’s far deeper than politics.

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