Johnny U: The Life and Times of Johnny Unitas

On Super Bowl Sunday, Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts will once again don the same white helmet with blue horseshoes that another star quarterback wore in a championship game nearly 50 years ago. I draw this timely parallel simply to recommend a biography that matches its hype, but for reasons other than those made […]

Sept 11th: An Attack On Our Values

This column was first published in the Herald after Sept. 11, 2001. I’m reprinting it (with some minor revisions), on the eve of the fifth anniversary of that blackest day in our nation’s history, as a reminder of the fundamental nature of America and her enemies. One day as I drove down Lexington Avenue, I […]

End the Cycle of Militant Islam’s Aggression

Israel‘s enemies are once again at war with her. Today the enemy is Hezbollah, an Iranian-sponsored terrorist organization whose stated goal is to annihilate Israel. But whether it’s Hezbollah, Hamas or the Palestinians wagging war on Israel, you are their accomplice who call these continuous conflicts a “cycle of violence,” condemns Israel for its “disproportionate” […]

“Insulting” The Principle of Free Speech

The New York Sun reports on July 13 that the Turkish government may jail a novelist because she supposedly “insulted Turkishness.” The government tried to prosecute this novelist, Elif Shafak, in June on the same outlandish Turkish criminal code that prohibits denigration of any aspect of Turkish culture. The charges were dropped after a prosecutor […]

A Russian Immigrant’s Lesson in American Patriotism

America is the land of the uncommon man. It is the land where man is free to develop his genius — and to get its just rewards.” ~ Ayn Rand As Independence Day nears and with immigration a hotly debated issue, I’m reminded of how an atheist from the Soviet Union taught me what it […]

My Mom’s Invaluable Lesson

My late mother, Rita, showered lots of love on her children, and she expressed her love to me best in a lesson capsulated by the saying “Be your own person.” My individuality sprouted at age 7, when the seeds of my atheism were sown. My Catholic school teacher taught that Jesus walked on a body […]

An Open Letter to Dan Marino

Dan Marino, the most productive quarterback in National Football League history, was inducted in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, on Sunday, August 7. The following is a letter I wrote to the football legend prior to the induction ceremony on August 2, 2005. “[T]he sight of an achievement [is] the greatest […]

Why Vote for Bush?

For most Americans and me, the critical issue by far in this presidential election is the threat we face from our would-be terrorist killers. But how should we vote when both President Bush and Senator Kerry appear unfit to win the war against them? While Bush has toppled two anti-American regimes in Afghanistan and Iraq, […]

Donald Trump’s Right Hand Man, George Ross: ‘Firing’ Up Business Students

An Oceanside High School student asked Donald Trump’s deputy, George Ross, how he would feel if Donald Trump fired him. “It can’t happen,” joked Ross, the Donald’s executive vice president, senior counsel and, as millions of “Apprentice” fans know him, right-hand man. “He can’t afford the severance pay.” Ross shared many facts and opinions about […]

Rebuilding the American Spirit

They built high towns on their old log sills, Where the great, slow rivers gleamed, But with new, live rock from the savage hills I’ll build as they only dreamed. ~ from “The Westerner” by Badger Clark Since September 11, 2001, I’ve strongly maintained that the twin towers must be rebuilt. Inspiringly, architect Herbert Belton […]

WTC Rises Again: Rebuilding A National Monument

While the pending construction of the Freedom Tower at the World Trade Center site remains in legal and bureaucratic limbo, engineer Kenneth Gardner is working to supplant that supposedly finalized commission with a new yet familiar vision: a replica of the original WTC with taller and better twin towers. What Gardner of Gardner Group, an […]

Bush’s Cold War on Terrorism

Iran is the Nazi Germany of the war on terrorism. Iranian theocrats are bent on spreading Islamic totalitarianism worldwide, killing Western infidels (particularly Americans), and developing nuclear weapons toward these ends. Six decades ago the United States decisively destroyed the Nazis. Today, however, while America’s top Islamic enemy continues to wag war against her, the […]

The Anti-Self-Responsibility Movement

At a recent community meeting about gangs on Long Island, one resident proposed enacting curfews for teenagers. Of course, this is a rash, “something-must-be-done” overreaction to crimes some kids commit on our streets at night, and is indicative of a wider, alarming movement. The argument favoring this proposal goes something like this: “Teens shouldn’t be […]

Red Holocaust

My nephew’s junior high school is devoting a month to teach about the Holocaust to him and his fellow eighth-graders, requiring them to read a book, watch a movie and write several reports on this important subject. As they and students nationwide are taught the horrors of Nazism, however, I won’t hold my breath waiting […]

Pat Tillman: Fighting For His Self-Interest

When Americans learned that Pat Tillman was killed by al Qaeda fighters in Afghanistan on April 23, they once again questioned the decision he had made after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. Most of them asked why Tillman, a professional football player, turned down a three-year, $3.6 million contract with his team to […]

Kerry’s Class Warfare: “Working Families” vs. “The Privileged”

In his victory speech at the Iowa caucus, John Kerry uttered a line that exquisitely captured a staple of his Leftist politics — class warfare. “Count the cost that working families are paying while the privileged ride high and reap the rewards,” he said. Yet Kerry’s policies actually harm productive individuals and engender the worst […]

Bush’s Religiosity Wounds the War Effort

The religious foundations of the new governments in Afghanistan and Iraq threaten to undercut the Bush administration’s war on terrorism. Being a champion of religion, however, Bush sanctions these developments that aid and abet America’s would-be destroyers. The first three articles of Afghanistan’s constitution, for instance, assert that the nation is “an Islamic Republic,” Islam […]

9/11 Commission Reflects Terrorisms Cause

The 9/11 Commission embodies the fundamental answer to its investigation into why our political leaders failed to prevent the terrorist attacks three Septembers ago. The Commission focuses on particular individuals from just two presidential administrations and asks why they never eliminated a particular terrorist, Osama Bin Laden. This shortsightedness reflects 50 years of United States […]