Edward Cline

Muslims and Self-Sacrifice

What drives Muslims to want to settle in countries that are Dar al-Harb (the enemy’s land) or Dar al-Kufr (land of unbelief)? What makes them want to live among the infidels?

Frightened Turtles II

Americans must first extricate themselves from the claws of statism before they can begin to credibly address peripheral issues such as immigration.

Frightened Turtles

It is fine to discuss a philosophy of freedom. But discussing it also requires a good, hard look at the political realities that negate any chance of freedom in the near future.

Our Descent into Madness

What can account for the vitriolic opposition to Israel in its struggle to survive? Is it “freedom of speech,” or simply an insidious madness?

Women and Children First?

Hamas and other Islamic supremacist terrorist groups do not hesitate to sacrifice women and children in their campaign against Israel and the West. Why?

What is a Jew?

What is a Jew? Who is a Jew? Who are the savages in Europe and the U.S. protesting? Is it just Israel, or is it something else?