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Save the Children?

Diana West writes that children are being used by Hamas to stymie Israel’s self-defense, and by Barack Obama as a weapon against America. It is Hamas and Obama who are “heartless,” callous, and inhumane.

The Outer Limits of Censorship

The suppression of information by government is censorship. The omission of information by the news media is not objective journalism, but complicity in government censorship.

The Cujo Meme

What have Hollywood and the State Department in common? The ability to infect everyone with ideological rabies.

Invasion by Invitation

What are President Obama’s intentions concerning the massive influx of Central American illegals? Have Mexico and other governments been bribed to send them here?

Skinning the Redskins

The federal government has again violated property rights by de-registering the trademark name of the Washington Redskins’ team as protectable property.