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Book Review: “Fear Itself”

A new book discusses how racism and a fascination with European statism enabled FDR to impose the New Deal on the country and lay the foundation of American statism.

No Honor at Brandeis University

Brandeis University withdrew its offer of an honorary degree to Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and disinvited her from delivering a commencement address – because of Islamic supremacist pressure. Is this any way to promote freedom of speech?

The Death of Adult Movies

What can explain the increasingly comic book character of today’s movies? Is it coincidence, a “phase,” or something more inimical?

Hollywood: Sharia-Compliant

Hollywood is helping the Muslim Brotherhood and its sister organizations sabotage America with its own “miserable hands” by conforming to Sharia law.

Academic Food Fights

Obamacare isn’t the only government program that will eat up your money. There are all those government-grant funded studies on….food.

Pearls of James Madison, Founder

James Madison, a preeminent political intellectual of his time, had words of wisdom that have not lost their potency or their relevance to our tumultuous and confusing times.

Our Sociopathic Political Class

Are our political leaders and their supporters outside of government mentally deranged, or just a bunch of nice clueless guys who are wrong about everything?

Teaching for Indoctrination

There are unmistakable parallels between the educational ends of the Nazis and the educational ends of the American Left. The Nazi policy was to imbue students with German “pride.” The American left policy is to instill students with shame and anti-individualism.

Being Beastly to the Germans

Have parents the right to home-school their own children? The American and German governments say: No. Your children are our children, says the State.

House of Cards: A Tale of Pain-Worshipping Killers

What message is conveyed to the viewer in both Seasons of “House of Cards”? Is the popular series an exposé of political corruption, or an invitation to become as corrupt and nihilistic as master manipulator and murderer Frank Underwood?

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