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Our Descent into Madness

What can account for the vitriolic opposition to Israel in its struggle to survive? Is it “freedom of speech,” or simply an insidious madness?

Women and Children First?

Hamas and other Islamic supremacist terrorist groups do not hesitate to sacrifice women and children in their campaign against Israel and the West. Why?

What is a Jew?

What is a Jew? Who is a Jew? Who are the savages in Europe and the U.S. protesting? Is it just Israel, or is it something else?

Netflix’s Mixed Bill of Fare

In one convenient venue, Netflix offers a broad perspective on the state of Western culture, of its esthetics, of its arts, and of its past and future.

Save the Children?

Diana West writes that children are being used by Hamas to stymie Israel’s self-defense, and by Barack Obama as a weapon against America. It is Hamas and Obama who are “heartless,” callous, and inhumane.

The Outer Limits of Censorship

The suppression of information by government is censorship. The omission of information by the news media is not objective journalism, but complicity in government censorship.