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Blindfolds and Trigger Warnings

College “trigger warnings” are intended to spare politically correct and coddled students any bad feelings about what they might encounter in literature. They are cousins of product safety warnings.


The Suicidal Tautology of Islamophilia

Those poor, victimized killers; they’re only killers because of our distorted perceptions of them. If we didn’t pin “Kick Me, I’m a Killer” signs on their backs, they wouldn’t be killers.

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Review: Visions of “Progress”

The history of the visionary liberal-left, as presented by Doug Rossinow, is an engrossing tour-de-force in terms of bringing to life the oft-contentious and divisive glittering but hollow disco ball of American collectivism.

In Praise of Satire

In today’s political and cultural climate, the line dividing truth from satire is becoming increasingly blurred.


Political Cinema

In political cinema, it’s a long way from Keeper of the Flame to House of Cards. The Tracy/Hepburn film warns about the evils of fascism; the Kevin Spacey TV series celebrates statism.


Israel Votes to Exist

Benjamin Netanyahu’s victory is a slap in the face of Obama’s continued efforts to get Israel to submit to its own destruction.

On Phobias

Islamophobia is the legitimate fear of Islam and Muslims. How many unassuming, “average” Muslims have turned turned jihadist and committed horrific mass slaughter and expressed a desire to join ISIS in its crimes?