Political Cinema

In political cinema, it’s a long way from Keeper of the Flame to House of Cards. The Tracy/Hepburn film warns about the evils of fascism; the Kevin Spacey TV series celebrates statism.


Israel Votes to Exist

Benjamin Netanyahu’s victory is a slap in the face of Obama’s continued efforts to get Israel to submit to its own destruction.

On Phobias

Islamophobia is the legitimate fear of Islam and Muslims. How many unassuming, “average” Muslims have turned turned jihadist and committed horrific mass slaughter and expressed a desire to join ISIS in its crimes?


Not Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals II

Why do Western politicians and the news media refuse to acknowledge that Islam as it is practiced by ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, the Taliban and Boko Haram is Islam at its essence and all that it can be: brutal, destructive, nihilistic, and anti-life? Liberalism, multiculturalism, and pragmatism are some of the ingredients of Western suicide.

Not Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals

The MSM treats any mention of Islam and its nihilistic record of destruction as foul language that should be avoided in the genteel company of liberalism. But liberals have their own language and bag of dirty tricks.

Free Speech 1200x800

Force, Blasphemy, and Freedom of Speech

Charlie Hebdo has been avenged, by the French authorities, by Charlie Hebdo’s surviving staff, and even by the French public. But is this in issue of vengeance? Of tit for tat? Of an eye for an eye?

A Reply to a Muslim Caliban

Oriana Fallaci, the late journalist, is quoted about the perils of the mass immigration of Muslims to the West. But a Muslim Caliban ignores her.