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Force, Blasphemy, and Freedom of Speech

Charlie Hebdo has been avenged, by the French authorities, by Charlie Hebdo’s surviving staff, and even by the French public. But is this in issue of vengeance? Of tit for tat? Of an eye for an eye?

A Reply to a Muslim Caliban

Oriana Fallaci, the late journalist, is quoted about the perils of the mass immigration of Muslims to the West. But a Muslim Caliban ignores her.

Not Travels With My Aunt

Recuperating from the week’s latest disasters authored by Obama, New York Mayor de Blasio, John Boehner, and others of that ilk, I had a very odd dream.

Montessori Made Easy

Surprisingly, children prefer to work and solve problems, rather than play or pretend. This is one of the revelations in Charlotte Cushman’s book on the Montessori Method.

The Turkey Was a Racist

An innocuous cartoon in The Indianapolis Star about Obama’s executive order on illegal immigration caused an uproar among those whose feelings were hurt. Shall we say they have “thin skins”?