Not Travels With My Aunt

Recuperating from the week’s latest disasters authored by Obama, New York Mayor de Blasio, John Boehner, and others of that ilk, I had a very odd dream.

Montessori Made Easy

Surprisingly, children prefer to work and solve problems, rather than play or pretend. This is one of the revelations in Charlotte Cushman’s book on the Montessori Method.

The Turkey Was a Racist

An innocuous cartoon in The Indianapolis Star about Obama’s executive order on illegal immigration caused an uproar among those whose feelings were hurt. Shall we say they have “thin skins”?

The Annotated Woodrow Wilson

Woodrow Wilson, generations before Obama was born, enunciated the same political premises and practiced the same abuses of executive power as Barack Obama does now.

“Freedom of Speech, Go to Hell”

Are Britons ready to be “disrupted”? Prepared to submit to Theresa May’s totalitarian impulse? The Home Secretary has proposed even more stringent controls on the freedom of speech.

Metropolitan Opera Joins the Jihadists

The Metropolitan Opera has in effect been recruited by Hamas by putting on the anti-Semitic The Death of Klinghoffer. And taxpayers footed the bill. This is an argument against all government-funded “art.”


Portrait of a Psychopath

What makes Islamic terrorists tick? Why do jihadists emulate Mohammad in thought, word and deed? Why is he their supreme model? It’s not a pretty picture.

Waltzing With the Straussians

Who are the Straussians, and what do they want with us? No, they’re not some alien race from across the galaxy. They’re people who want to influence your vote.

Euphemisms: The Euthanasia of Words

Euphemisms are the ObamaCare death panel for language. Words are buried alive, or injected with the poison of subjectivism. Censorship is the “managed choice” of language.