But Don’t Businesses Need to be ‘Regulated’?

Laissez-faire capitalism calls for a separation of state and economy, without regulation of private sector businesses by government.  But don’t businesses need to be regulated by governments to protect people’s individual rights?   The answer is: no, they don’t.   But then, if businesses are not regulated, what would stop them from rampantly making dangerous […]

What “Preemptive War”?

One of the mantras that the protesters against war with Iraq are currently using, sadly with some success, is that such a war would be “preemptive”, rather than retaliatory and in defense of the United States, and therefore unjustified morally. Iraq, a cruel dictatorship though it may be, has nevertheless done nothing to us, the […]

Isn’t Zoning Necessary to Prevent Nuisances? (Part 2)

The proponents of zoning claim that such initiation of force is necessary against developers to prevent the occurrence of nuisances. A “nuisance” is defined as the effect from an activity on others which unreasonably interferes with another’s lawful use of property, or causes undue inconvenience, hardship, or discomfort to another person. Examples aren’t hard to […]

The Evils of Zoning: Subjecting Landowners to Arbitrary Whim

Real estate developers have good reason to feel cannibalized when they attempt to develop something today. Building permits for their projects are often exceedingly difficult to secure, requiring thousands of dollars in architect’s and attorney’s fees, and months (if not years) of submitting plans to boards and commissions, sometimes a repeat number of times. Many […]

The Political Root of the Destruction of the American City, and Its Solution: A Tale of Two Kinds of Cities, Part 6

While all these programs differed in their specifics, they all started with the identical statist premise: that the free market is inferior to government intervention, which ultimately is derived from the cancerous notion that man should live according to the arbitrary dictates of government officials, rather than according to how his reason judges reality. Consequently […]

The Disfigurement of the American City, Part 1

The United States is the greatest society ever on earth. Nowhere else has there ever been achievement on the scale that has occurred here. It was Americans who invented the electrical circuit, the semiconductor, Blues, Jazz, and Rock and Roll music, countless medicines and cures for diseases, and who eventually sent men to the moon. […]