The Palestinian Utopia: A Road to Nowhere

Ariel Sharon’s enthusiastic support of a United States-led “road map” to an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement, which ultimately will establish a patchwork Arab state comprised of areas within the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, caught many by surprise. Their astonishment is misguided. The ambition of the plan, though tenuous, is well intentioned. The farfetched utopian […]

Fatwa: Coming to a Country Near You

“There is no room for play in Islam… It is deadly serious about everything.” So declared Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khomeini, in 1980. Nine years later, Indian-born British author Salman Rushdie discovered the grim consequences of free expression in fundamentalist Islam tenet, when Khomeini issued a fatwa condemning the novelist to death for blasphemous text […]

Hollywood Actors: False American Idols

The singer. The actor. The empty vessel. Many pundits believe celebrities are frivolously easy targets unworthy of our scorn. They must realize, however, that a single voice of a celebrity reaches more common Americans than a busload of think tank intellectuals. The influence of that voice is debatable. The necessity to oppose it is not. […]

Who Do Democrats Hate More: Saddam or Bush?

Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. Surely most Republicans observed in giddy delight as Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle did his best imitation of Jack Palance on the Senate floor, accusing President Bush of “politicizing” the debate over national security and demanded he apologize for saying that Democrats were “not interested in the security […]

Orwellian ‘Peace’ Movement

For decades, radicals have gobbled up words such as ‘peace’ and ‘progressive’ and spit them out as the pillars of anti-American, radical leftist philosophy. Nothing’s changed. Pacifists and progressives with the keen ability to convert illogical into something that passes for quixotic idealism litter America’s campuses. One of the leading proselytizing progressive campus groups is […]

The ‘Chickenhawk’ Defense

Whether or not most Americans agree, there may be a multitude of lucid reasons why the United States should avoid a preemptive military strike against Iraq. Problem is, most arguments employed by anti-war pundits these days are at best unconvincing and at worst ridiculous. Let’s concentrate on the ridiculous. Pacifists love to identify members of […]

The Left’s Campaign for Terrorism

Despite numerous illogical arguments regarding the invasion of Iraq, deceit remains the most reprehensible aspect of the Left’s recent campaign against the war on terror. Because to leftists, it has never been about American lives, it has never been about American interests, it has never been about the “mass investment of money” or inflaming tensions […]

Casus Belli

Worldwide, leaders have announced that their support for the proposed American-led ouster of Iraq dictator Saddam Hussein hinges on President Bush making a compelling case for action. “That guy’s evil” doesn’t cut it with many of these heads of state, most of whom regard terrorists like Yassir Arafat as freedom fighters. Hussein’s frenzied hostility towards […]

Israeli Arabs: Self-Declared Enemies?

Last month, the National Religious Party in Israel sponsored a bill in the Knesset that would have allowed the Jewish Agency to allocate land for Jewish-only communities. This proposal immediately incited a squall of criticism from all sides. Israel’s sensitivity to cries of racism is often enough to force second thoughts regarding legislation, but the […]