Scientist Exposes IPPC as "Fundamentally Corrupt"

An energy-rationing bill has been introduced to address “global warming.” The “Climate Security Act” would impose caps on how much carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions can be allowed and would institute an elaborate program to “trade” allowances among the industries and business affected. Americans better hope that some members of Congress will ask if there truly […]

Robbing Parents to Pay Teachers

It is an act of thievery to take money to provide goods or services and then fail to do so. Our nation’s schools have become a great criminal conspiracy, promising to educate our children, but more often producing “graduates” without even the most basic skills, let alone a useful, wider body of knowledge. “My daughter […]

Global Warming Scares Heat Up

To understand the whole global warming debate you have to understand that it is not about any dramatic warming of the Earth. The Earth has been warming since the end of the last Ice Age with time out for some mini-Ice Age episodes. As Richard S. Lindzen, the Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Atmospheric Science […]

The Fate of Lebanon

On July 14 in the chamber of the United Nations Security Council, the permanent representative from Israel, Ambassador Dan Gillerman, paused to address his colleague, the ambassador from Lebanon. “You know that what we are doing is right, and if we succeed, your country will be the real beneficiary.” That is the sad truth about […]

High Gas Prices Courtesy of Environmental Rhetoric

As the price of gasoline and the myriad products that utilize petroleum in their manufacture rises, Americans are going to ask why the Congress has resisted accessing the billions of barrels’ worth of oil and natural gas in our offshore continental shelf. As the realization of how dependent we are on the importation of Middle […]

Technological Apartheid: Europe’s Biotech Food Ban Must End

Since May 2003, the United States, joined by Canada and Argentina, has pursued a World Trade Organization (WTO) dispute settlement process against the European Union (EU) regarding its de facto moratorium banning biogenetically altered food crops. The main opponents of such crops include the usual “environmental” organizations for whom any progress toward eliminating famine and […]

G-8 Failure on a Global Scale

I’m fairly sure that the world leaders at the G-8 meeting in the UK were more disappointed being overshadowed by the Islamist terror attack in London than by the fact that their priorities and solutions were so misdirected and wrong the conference can best serve as an example of gross incompetence. Let’s start with their […]

Catastrophic Global Warming is More Scare than Science

On June 13, USA Today declared that “The debate’s over: Globe is Warming.” That’s another headline you can ignore. The world has been warming ever since the last Ice Age, but it is not rapidly warming in ways that threaten our existence, nor warming in a way that requires the industrialized nations to drastically cut […]

The Republican Revolution is Dead

Back in 1994 when the famed Republican “Contract with America” captured control of Congress for the party, Newt Gingrich, one of its authors, noted that, “Washington is like a sponge. It absorbs waves of change, and it slows them down, and it softens them, and then one morning they cease to exist.” The Republican Party […]

New Jersey’s Nutty CO2 Notions

While the entire northeast of the United States was digging out from a huge blizzard–usually a sign of cold weather–a meeting on “the climate challenge” was occurring in London, England and “an independent report” by the Institute for Public Policy Research (Great Britain), The Australia Institute, and the Center for American Progress announced that “an […]

Thwarting America’s Energy Needs

Editor’s Note: This editorial was originally attributed to Tom DeWeese. The actual author is Alan Caruba. Well of course you want the entire shoreline of the East and West Coast to be filled with windmills producing insignificant amounts of energy. Nothing better than to head for the beaches of New Jersey or California and look […]

State of Fear by Michael Crichton: Exposing the Global Warming Sham

The famed novelist, Michael Crichton, may achieve what mountains of scientific data produced by meteorologists and others have not. He may get the public to understand that the UN Kyoto Climate Control Protocol is, itself, a work of fiction. His novel, “State of Fear“, (HarperCollins, 603 pages) is a technopolitical thriller based on the widely […]

The United States of America Should Withdraw From the United Nations

There was a time when, if you wrote or spoke out against the United Nations, you would be dismissed as some “right-wing nutcase” who saw conspiracies or was some kind of “isolationist” who didn’t understand the need for an international forum where the problems of the world could be resolved without resort to warfare. Turns […]

The Lebanese Remain Syria’s Captives

On September 3, members of the Lebanese parliament who are the toadies of Syria voted to amend that nation’s constitution to allow its pro-Damascus president to remain in office for another three years. The Christian and Druze members voted against it. So the Lebanese remain Syria’s captives and, for Israel, it only reinforces the obvious […]

Taxpayer Billions Wasted on Education

If there is one problem that baffles and frustrates people who write to me, it is the state of education in America today. Everybody, educators and parents alike, knows it continues to fail the millions of students who pass through kindergarten to twelfth grade, leaving too many without the skills of literacy and arithmetic/mathematics, as […]

The Green Fever Subsides

We all know that polls are just snapshots of a moment in time, taking the pulse of public opinion on some subject. A recent one by the Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy, however, produced some encouraging news. Of 1,000 people polled, just over half said that, while protecting the environment is important, it […]

The Advocates of Technophobia

We think nothing of turning on the lights in our homes, but did you know that “more than thirty years after Thomas Edison invented the incandescent bulb in 1879 and soon thereafter installed a lighting system in a business section of lower Manhattan, barely ten percent of American homes were wired”? Americans did not immediately […]

“Endangered Species” Cost USA Billions

At a time when this nation is engaged in a war, putting the lives of its soldiers in harm’s way to end the threat of Middle Eastern terrorism, it would seem inconceivable that it would also be wasting billions to protect some species of salmon or the shortnose suckerfish. But it is. Unfortunately, when the […]

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