I’m proud to announce that all the Chess Hanrahan detective novels, as well as most of the Cyrus Skeen period detective novels are on sale as audio books, print books, and on Kindle. Presence of Mind, a Hanrahan novel, and The Black Stone, have been approved by Amazon ACX and will be on sale soon. A narrator has been contracted to read The Head of Athena and The Daedâlus Conspiracy, both of which should be completed by the end of August and by September respectively.

All the novels are also available in Great Britain, Canada, and Europe.

The Sparrowhawk series, republished under the The Patrick Henry Press imprint after the original publisher, MacAdam/Cage, defaulted on most of its contracts and filed for bankruptcy last December, is also available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. If thinking of purchasing a title from this series, be sure to look for The Patrick Henry Press edition as print books and on Kindle.

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Edward Cline

Edward Cline

Edward Cline is a novelist who has written on the revolutionary war period. He is author of the Sparrowhawk series of novels set in England and Virginia in the Revolutionary period, the detective novel First Prize, the suspense novel Whisper the Guns, and of numerous published articles, book reviews and essays.

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