Why are America’s Top Generals Being Fired?

The nation’s top military generals are being fired by the Obama administration one by one, according to a recent Reuters report. It’s a disturbing trend for several reasons. The government says that each firing does not indicate any type of breach of U.S. military security or preparedness.

But this makes one wonder why the generals are being fired. If the purported offenses are so puny – a commander at the crucial U.S. Strategic Air Command was reportedly fired for gambling – as to pose no threat to national security, why are generals being fired?

Two days after the deputy commander of America’s nuclear and space weapons was fired during the gambling investigation, the Air Force general in charge of intercontinental missiles was fired for personal “misbehavior.” A week prior to that, two top generals with the U.S. Marine Corps were fired by the Obama administration for supposedly failing to defend a base in Afghanistan.

Contrast this with the administration’s treatment of those who commit repeated offenses, infractions and violations of law in countless government incompetence and corruption scandals from Benghazi, Fort Hood and Boston to the IRS, TSA and ObamaCare and it becomes clear that the firing of America’s military generals is cause for grave concern.

The government’s secrecy in these supposed wrongdoings by the generals is also suspicious. For example, the latest general to be fired was in charge of America’s nuclear missiles and, while the Obama administration insists that his alleged infractions, which the government refuses to identify, address and explain, pose no threat to our missile defense and capability, they’ve declined to permit the accusation to be made public.

We already know that Obama seeks to fundamentally transform—which in Obama’s context arguably means to destroy—the basic principles of the nation’s republic. But we urgently need to know why generals are being fired at the highest levels of military defense.

For instance, we must know if the NSA is systematically spying on our generals to gather incriminating information, intimidate and force them into some sort of submission.

America’s immediate future is at stake. Obama is dictating everything from health insurance to war memorial visits as he negotiates over nuclear Islamic jihad. It’s bad enough that he’s mandating a new health care system that people are unable to use. It’s downright alarming that he’s removing top military generals without checks and balances.

Americans should stand united and demand to know why.

  • DogmaelJones1

    The NSA is systemically spying on everyone — including foreign leaders — in order to gather incriminating information for purposes that can only be nefarious and criminal by definition. The firing of all these generals fits into Obama’s plan to emasculate the military and turn it into a pliable tool of tyranny. That’s the long and short of it.

  • Hammerstrike

    Maybe the NSA is spying on the White House too, how do A President Named Slickback know his calls are secured?