Buddha Bad for Business

Recently 115 corporate executives paid $100 each for advice from that repository of business acumen, the Dalai Lama. The Nobel Peace Prize winning Buddhist spiritual leader addressed the execs in Irvine, CA. Granted, attendees were probably attracted more by his celebrity than his philosophy; I doubt anyone ran out afterward and joined a monastery. Nonetheless, […]

Random Thoughts for April 2004

Random thoughts on the passing scene: A reader has suggested that elections be held on April 16th — the day after we pay our income taxes. That is one of the few things that might discourage politicians from being big spenders. Just before France surrendered to the invading Nazi armies in 1940, French Premier Paul […]

J.F.K.: Jiggy Fly Kerry

Gotta give it to Democratic presidential contender John Kerry. He knows how to keep it real. In an MTV interview, the host asked, “Well, are there any trends out there in music, or even in popular culture in general that have piqued your interest?” Kerry said, “Oh, sure. I follow and I’m interested. . . […]

Failure Looms at Fallujah

A turning point in what President Bush has called the War on Terrorism is at hand. How and whether the American military handles enemy confrontations in Iraq during the coming weeks will tell Islamic terrorists and their state sponsors everything they need to know about America’s resolve to defeat them. Thus far, the U.S. has […]

Bing Crosby: Singer of the Century

May 2, 2004 will mark the hundredth anniversary of the birth of Bing Crosby, whose recorded voice continues to sing “White Christmas” every Yuletide. Other singers who came after him, including Sinatra and Elvis, had their day but it was Bing Crosby who first put American popular songs on the map around the world. At […]

Kerry’s Class Warfare: “Working Families” vs. “The Privileged”

In his victory speech at the Iowa caucus, John Kerry uttered a line that exquisitely captured a staple of his Leftist politics — class warfare. “Count the cost that working families are paying while the privileged ride high and reap the rewards,” he said. Yet Kerry’s policies actually harm productive individuals and engender the worst […]

Anti-Israel Terror Backfires

A day after Israeli troops killed its second leader within a single month, the Islamist terrorist organization Hamas put on a brave face. The Israelis “are dreaming” if they think this would weaken Hamas, announced Ismail Haniyeh to a crowd of over 70,000 mourners at the funeral for Abdel Aziz Rantisi. “Every time a martyr […]

Poor Education Prognosis

Drs. Abigail and Stephan Thernstrom’s new book “No Excuses: Closing the Racial Gap in Learning” shows that the government education whites receive is nothing to write home about, but for blacks, it’s no less than a disgraceful disaster. According to National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) findings, only in writing do less than 40 percent […]

Bait-and-Switch Media

Readers sometimes ask why I am seldom seen or heard on television or radio. Mainly it is because I turn down 90 percent of the invitations I get. A recent radio interview shows why. I was invited on as a guest to talk about my new book, “Affirmative Action Around the World.” But when I […]

Forgiveness and Mental Health

A reader writes in, taking issue with Dr. Hurd’s contention that forgiving the unforgivable (e.g. snipers, drunk driving) is neither noble nor healthy: Forgiving someone who committed a crime against you after they have served their sentence and you have had time to cope with the effects of it is noble, praiseworthy and one of […]

Watchout for Hillary “Health” Care

A huge headline on the front of a recent issue of the New York Times Magazine said more than they intended: “Now Are We Ready to Talk About Health Care?” Inside was an article with the same title by Hillary Clinton. The casual arrogance of that question is staggering. We talked endlessly about Hillary’s proposed […]

Wasting Billions on the Green Agenda

After the usual media orgy of articles and opinions about “Earth Day”, it’s a good idea to ask how much environmentalism actually costs us. I will keep this to a question of dollars, but the real cost has been in millions of lives around a world where the benefits of modernization would have save those […]

Dealing with Investing Panic-mongers

“I am in a PANIC over this article, telling people to get out of stocks,” said an impassioned e-mail I received last week from a nice, intelligent professional woman who is a friend of a friend. “Is he right???? I am 52 years old, and I really hope to retire SOME day.” What upset her […]

Conservation or Confiscation?

In April, the New Jersey Builders Association finally managed to muster an attack on legislation whose purpose it is said is to “conserve” a wide swath of northern New Jersey called the Highlands. In Congress, there’s also a Highlands Conservation Act (H.R. 1964 & S.999) that would give more than a $100 million to the […]

Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

The mutual fund is the most successful investment vehicle the world has ever seen. But it has its drawbacks. Mutual funds are not sold on an open market like individual shares of stock, but by fund companies themselves — either directly to shareholders or through intermediaries such as investment advisers. Prices are set not every […]

“Giving Back”: Involuntary Servitude for the Young

John Kerry keeps talking about young people “giving something back.” Exactly what did young people take away and from whom did they take it? What is the factual basis for such an accusation? And why is it so general, applied to the whole population of young people? These are the questions that John Kerry–and indeed, […]

Bush’s Religiosity Wounds the War Effort

The religious foundations of the new governments in Afghanistan and Iraq threaten to undercut the Bush administration’s war on terrorism. Being a champion of religion, however, Bush sanctions these developments that aid and abet America’s would-be destroyers. The first three articles of Afghanistan’s constitution, for instance, assert that the nation is “an Islamic Republic,” Islam […]

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