Rewarding the MVPs of the Business World

As millions of Americans watch the New England Patriots take on the Carolina Panthers, every minute of the game will be scrutinized, from all angles and with action replays. But, amid the cheers of victory and cries of disappointment, you won’t hear a whisper of complaint from fans about the players’ multi-million dollar salaries–$3.8 million […]

Spaced Out: George W. Bush’s Mission to Mars

Last week, President Bush proposed an extra $1 billion dollars in spending for NASA over the next five years as part of his plan to put a permanent base on the moon and land astronauts on Mars. In a speech prepared for delivery Wednesday, Bush is calling for a lunar base to be established within […]

On WMDs: What Did the Democrats Say?

Did Saddam Hussein and his interest in weapons of mass destruction pose a threat to the United States? Just ask the Democrats. Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean (D), appearing on “Face the Nation” in September 2002, said, “There’s no question that Saddam Hussein is a threat to the United States and to our allies.” In […]

A Radical Solution to America’s Moribund Space Program

After years of declining budgets, public apathy, and failed missions, NASA has gotten a big boost from the Bush Administration’s recent promises of extravagant missions to permanently settle the moon and eventually explore Mars. No one knows what it would cost, but a similar idea in 1989 was estimated to cost up to $500 billion. […]

Stretching the Poor

What do you do when you don’t have as much of something as you need? One of the things you can do is stretch it out to make it last as long as it can. That is what the political left is doing with the poor. A lot of noise is made about how we […]

Howard Dean’s Political Bubble: Lessons from Iowa

The headline story out of the Iowa caucuses is Senator John Kerry’s surprising victory and the collapse of Governor Howard Dean’s political bubble. This is all very well for those in the media who treat politics as the personal stories of politicians. But, for those who see politics as being about the fate of this […]

Improving Education for Black Americans

What needs to be done to improve black education? Whether it’s civil rights organizations, politicians or the education establishment, you’ll get answers that cover the gamut from more money for teachers and smaller class sizes to school desegregation and racial preferences in higher education. Despite these claims, there’s no evidence whatsoever that these are absolutely […]

Wesley Clark’s Opportunism

I met Wesley Clark, now a presidential candidate, in 1992 when I was an army lieutenant attending the Officer Basic Course. The then-2 star general came to Ft. Knox, KY to address our graduating class. General Clark was charismatic, personable and gave a motivating speech. The Wes Clark I became acquainted with, however, was the […]

Mars: Who Should Own It

Suppose the US Government made the following declaration: The first person to land on Mars, and to live there some specified minimum duration (such as a year), and to return alive owns the entire Red Planet. Objectivist philosopher Harry Binswanger recently proposed this policy (without specifying a required duration of stay) and defended it on […]

Dean’s Fascism and the Me-Too Right

While Republicans popularize Howard Dean’s quote that capturing Saddam Hussein “has not made America safer,” they should also promote an earlier comment that explicitly revealed his basic politics. But that the Right fails to recognize its significance further exposes their political foundations. During an appearance on MSNBC’s “Hardball” with Chris Matthews in December, Dean suggested […]

Bush’s Faith is Immoral, But He’s Better Than His Christian Critics

The writer of a letter recently appearing in The Tennessean says the president’s religious faith conflicts with his decision to go to war in Iraq. Many of Bush’s Christian critics share this opinion. And in one sense they’re right. There is indeed a major disparity between Bush’s bombing and Christ’s Beatitudes. To which I can […]