The Republican Convention Will Spotlight Statism

MARINA DEL REY, CA — The Republican National Convention will spotlight one thing: the Republican Party’s real goal is not increasing individual freedom but continuing state control over our lives, said a senior writer for the Ayn Rand Institute. “George W. Bush and the Republican Party, like Gore and the Democrats, don’t trust the individual […]

Freedom is the Solution for Quality in Education

Despite the tragic results of public education, American parents have yet to realize that to properly educate their children, they must entirely reject the current state-controlled system. They must demand that government give them back their taxed money so they can assume sole responsibility for choosing and paying for their children’s education. The government has […]

The IMF in Asia: Please Hold Your Applause

Last week I noticed two important articles in the press regarding the Asian recovery. “Fortune” magazine, representing the new “establishment” view, ran an article celebrating the Asian economic recovery, giving the IMF credit for the improvements. In sharp contrast, The “Far Eastern Economic Review” published a more unorthodox article, suggesting that the Asian economies’ recovery […]

The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home

When I began to write this review, I hemmed and hawed about where to begin. Flipping through the meaty 764 pages, I was amused to note that the authors began the section entitled, “Using The Well-Trained Mind Without Losing Your Own” with the upfront statement, “This is a very big book.” That fact alone is […]